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To purchase a subscription to Safety Testing Online, a teacher must first register. The registration process is explained below. Teacher Registration is completely free and you only have to do it once. In fact, your first registration allows you a no obligation, fully functioning 56 day (eight weeks) trial, which can be easily converted to a full annual paid subscription.

What is in the registration form?

  • Email - We need your email address for your login. We also send your password to this address.
  • Given Name - This information helps to populate annual subscriptions, construct reports and address you appropriately.
  • Family Name - This information helps to populate annual subscriptions, construct reports and address you appropriately.
  • Phone - We never telephone our customers, but we are investigating the practicality of phone support through WhatsApp. If you wish you can leave a placeholder number which we will be unable to call.
  • School/College - This information helps to populate annual subscriptions, construct reports and address you appropriately.
  • Student Group - You can enrol a total of six student groups or classes but we only need you to enter your first group name during registration. You can alter it later and add the other five group names at any time. Because of space requirements, we suggest you keep group names to eight characters or less. Security dictates that only letters and numbers without spaces may be used in names, eg "Grade910" not "Grade 9/10". This condition is addressed automatically by the program. Student groups can be any size, but making a huge class can become unwieldy for the teacher.
  • College Address line 1
  • College Address line 2
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Zip/Post/Pin/Loc8 Code - Various types of Postal Codes.
  • AUD/USD/GBP/NZD/EUR - You can choose the currency of payment. At the moment, these are the only currencies permitted by our Payment Gateway supplier.
  • Payment methods. - You can pay with MasterCard or Visa. (We also accept PayPal payments, but you will need to confirm your payment by email.)

  • Some further information...
  • Quiz results will be held in our cloud database for a period of six years in the case of a paid up subscription. When the quiz becomes older than six years the data for this quiz is automatically deleted by the program. The subscriber is responsible for retaining a copy beyond this time, if he or she thinks it necessary.
  • Your personal details will never be disclosed to anyone and Safety Testing Online never has access to your financial (credit card) details.
  • After entering your registration details a password will be emailed to you. This identifies you and allows a 56 day (eight weeks) trial access to the subscription area of the website. If you decide to pay for a subscription at the end of the trial period, your payment will be applied from the commencement of the trial. These details become the logon for the administration of your quiz program. (You will be able to create a new password of your choice at any time after you subscribe).
  • Subscriptions - Your paid subscription will remain valid for a full year, and a renewal reminder will be sent by email 28 days before expiry. If your subscription lapses, access to the quiz program will cease, but this can be regained upon subscription renewal for a limited time after expiry. A renewal always dates from the anniversary of the original subscription date. If you decide not to renew, your data is held for a further three months before it is deleted. If you renew a subscription some time prior to expiry, the unused portion of the subscription will be added on to the new subscription period. You will be able to download a copy of your data at any time before your subscription ends.
  • Your password will be emailed to you immediately once credit card payment is made. (Allow a few minutes for the email to reach you). If you have any questions or wish to check the status of your purchase, please email us.
  • Refund Policy - You can read our refund policy here.
  • These conditions may be modified by Safety Testing Online at any time and at their discretion.