“ Last year I really tried to keep records of all of my safety testing. I had around eighty students to be instructed and tested on about ten pieces of equipment. Well, that meant probably eight hundred tests to deliver, score and archive. And that's all additional to my teaching program. It's no wonder I lost the plot. I wish I'd known about this website before. Now all of those problems have disappeared. My students take most of the tests from home, and it's all managed by Safety Testing Online.”
-Steve M. Bankstown, NSW
“I feel so much more confident about being able to meet the legal requirements for delivering, tracking and documenting safety instruction and testing at my workplace. The completed tests are even assessed and stored by the Safety Testing Online database, though I also like the option of being able to download the reports to our own local storage.”
-Anne W. Condell Park, NSW
“Thank you Frank. I look at the importance and value of your site and see a huge upside. Even though we ran into some technical glitches early on, I am sold on it and can only say good things about it and your level of support. Your site will save me and many of my colleagues valuable time spent on administering and correcting safety exams. Your website www.SafetyTestingOnline.com is to safety testing, as Saw Stop is to Table Saws-- The best thing out there! Best Regards,”
-Eddie U. West Richland, WA